Yes to Positive Social Change Now

 The Yes! page is for keeping everyone up to date on positive things that are happening that help to promote positive social change. I'd like to think that everyone - regardless of political affiliation - is interested in positive social change. I have been strict about no promotion of classes or products, no memes, no triggers, no propaganda and pretty much no petitions. These proliferate all over Facebook, the internet and email. The goal here is news to uplift, encourage and inform. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place!! 

White Heart's Spiritual Sisterhood Support Circle

Spiritual Sisterhood Support Circle

In celebration of the gift of sisterhood, this circle meets for an hour once a month or so on Monday at 5 pm PST/8pm EST. We gather together with a couple of rounds of check ins, lend a deep listening to one another without advice giving, hold space for one another’s process and offer tender support to the blossoming of our dreams and personal journeys. It is an intimate, safe container.

We are aware of the moon cycles, and the planting of our seeds of intention. We organically share small ceremonies, meditations, insights drawn from cards or poems, and other sage words from the ages, but mostly we will stand strong and kind together.

The circle is deliberately small, in order to keep the intimacy levels high and sweet. A suggested monthly donation ($25) is requested but none are turned away for lack of funds. Our Facebook group page offers more information, uplifting posts and news and notifications. Please join us and share the light and strength of the divine sacred feminine. 

Yes To Earth Now Project

Coming Soon

Yes To Earth Now is a forthcoming eco-activism project that I have been working on behind the scenes for the past seven years. The goal is to share information and mobilize ordinary people as we shift from an extraction economy to one that is regenerative, good for the planet and good for the billions of people who live on this blue ark. Sign up below for more information on this large project coming in 2019.