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Rates & Services


General Mentoring

Mentoring is ideal for those clients looking to transform their lives, and who are not yet clear on how to get from A to B. We will create a road map for your particular goals and get you to your new destination as effortlessly, thoroughly and completely as possible.

General Mentoring Rates:

hourly rate    $150

book 5 or more sessions     $120 per hour  (20% discount)

Developmental Editing

I work with writers who are wrestling their early drafts into submission and are ready to get a final version in hand. We may need to restructure the order and presentation of your manuscript, you may need an outline and then we can develop the project chapter by chapter. This is especially helpful for creative non-fiction writers, but fiction writers can also benefit from this close read.

Developmental consulting with writers: $60 per hour


I often work with entrepreneurs who are refining the early stages of a business, including a website, PR, social media strategy, business plan - all of which may need editing.

Copyediting         $60 per hour


I also work with those who are ready to craft their grants/proposals/sales/PR needs but who do not have the ability to undertake this work for themselves. Rather than editing existing work, I will write it wholesale.

Advanced writing:  $150 per hour, up to $1 per word, or a negotiable flat rate per project


I am a superlative researcher and am happy to provide clients with whatever information they may be seeking, whether that be background for a novel in a certain time period, or gaining an overview of the competition for a business venture. I have a boundless curiosity and attention to detail.

Research        $75 per hour


I usually work on retainer, frequently being paid in advance, especially for package rates on mentoring. Other contracts may split the fee in two, usually half to begin and the balance upon delivery.

I accept PayPal, Venmo, and checks.