Holiday Newsletter from Mark and Tobey 2018

Wishing you much love and aloha

This year has been both full of joy and wonder as well as copious challenges. Dealing with all this has made us stronger, more connected to one another and to our community, and increased our capacity for compassion even as we learn to be more compassionate with ourselves. The biggest challenge has been Tobey's ongoing medical crisis, and although she is doing much better, it will still take many more months to have reconstructive surgery and recover from that new round of interventions. If this is news to you, check out the updates and info at our Go Fund Me campaign.

We feel so surrounded by love. Many thanks to everyone who has donated so generously - we are about two thirds of the way to our funding goal. In the meantime life goes on! Mark has been continuing to write even as he has taken stellar care of Tobey, and he has several projects in both screenplay and novel forms that are steadily advancing.

Tobey is scheduled for a painting show in February at the Buttercup Bakery in Morro Bay - a very sweet spot that supports local artists. She will show some of her Surfing Angels as well as new Faerie Court paintings that she is working on now. She continues to work with a handful of writers, and to teach from time to time with the Morro Bay Metaphysicians. She plans to launch a large-scale eco-activism project later next year. 

For your holiday enjoyment, Tobey curated a tribute to the 12 Days of Christmas in video - there are some fun surprises in here!