Guest Lectures

I have addressed conferences and delivered papers at such venues as the 2007 Indigenous Film and Media Conference at Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, the 2006 Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Vancouver, the first Refresh Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology at Banff in 2005, the Siggraph 2002 and 2004 Art Gallery talks, the 2004 Virtual Minds, Congress of Fictitious Figures held at the Bremen Kunstlerhaus, the 2002 Digital Cultures Conference at UCLA, the 2002 WHA Conference on Translation and the Reproduction of Culture, the National Conference on Liberal Arts, School of Visual Arts in New York in 2000, the Digi Debate at the American Film Institute in 1994, and the International Art Critics Association in Vienna in 1992.  


Here is an archived conversation on "Quantum Information" from Eugenia Butler's "Fire in the Library" series which I did in collaboration with my dear colleague Dr. Zhen-Su She at Sci-Arc in 1997.  It is in two parts. and

Archival footage online: See me in a trailer for a documentary about brilliant avant garde artist & feminist Arleen Schloss.  (Wednesday's at A's is seeking post-production funding btw)



"Wellness & Longevity" panel organizer & moderator for OLLI at Cal Poly, with guests Dr. Mark Monnin, Christine Troples and Xiaoping Shanbrom. 2011

"The Writing Life - a Conversation" with husband Mark Onspaugh for OLLI at Cal Poly, winter 2010. 

"What's So Important About Art & Beauty?" for OLLI at Morro Bay Library, 2009. 

"3D Theory" Art Center College of Design, Pasadena 2009 

Guest of M.A. Greenstein's classes on Critical Practice

"3D Theory" School of Visual Arts, NYC 2009

Guest of Joseph Nechvatal's class on the "viractual"

“Playing With Space and Time”, Cornell University  2006  Live, remote guest lecture and inworld presentation Topic: “TCWF: Tobey Crockett’s Wild Frontier”


“Virtual Minds – Congress of Fictitious Figures”, exhibition and symposium 2004 Kunstlerhaus Bremen, Bremen Germany. Live, remote lecture and inworld presentation  Topic: “Virtual Resistance, Virtual Minds”

Orange County Museum of Art, featured speaker  1997

Topic: "The Pursuit of Deity"


"Art Protects You - Municipal Project by Jochen Traar” 1994.

Villach Kulturamt, Villach, Austria  (in German)


“The Art of Arleen Schloss”, Bremen KunstAkademie  1993. Bremen, Germany


“Joseph Nechvatal and Excess in the TechnoMediacratic Society”  1992

Arbois, France (in French)


"The Architecture of Memory and Mischa Kuball" 1990

Wittgenstein Haus, Vienna  (in German)