Tobey Gets It Done

I provide consulting services for business projects. I offer copy writing and editing, marketing and social media coaching, insights on business plans and more. See my Rates page for more information on bringing me in on your current project.

I am currently offering a special $500 package that combines several of my specialties in three one and a half hour sessions, a blend of coaching, consulting and editing. This may be especially enticing to authors, artists and small business owners who are looking for a coherent overview and strategy as they launch a major project.


Tobey you are my hero when it comes to writers! I am a much more visual person so I appreciate it when someone can write and you are the top of the game. I just want to encourage anyone who is thinking of hiring you to go ahead and be prepared for amazing results.  Your work is so professional, and you have have such a good grasp of the subtleties and you do deliver.  Your word choices and creativity take the ordinary and make it sing.  That's a gift!

Jean Wells

Tobey did the impossible! She helped organize statistical data in a very creative way that will help people easily understand a complex issue! I think readers of the website she created will enjoy learning about water, where we get it, how we use it, how we can conserve it, and how people can work together to solve problems in a whole new way. Working with Tobey is a true partnership. She's tactful and diplomatic, but not afraid to give her opinion, which I appreciated very much. Working with you is a joy Tobey. Thanks for all your hard work and creative input.

Mary Webb

Tobey’s keen intellect, discerning perspective, and incisive writing that exudes wit and charm are just a few of the many attributes which make Tobey a tremendous asset to our marketing and merchandising programs at Wine : Taste. She has been instrumental as a copywriter for our website, has initiated an engaging social media presence and is an intuitive and highly successful representative of our brand.

Leslie Gainer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tobey on numerous projects and can say that she is one of the most knowledgeable and savviest people I know. On behalf of our client, Absolut, she helped manage our involvement with the prestigious LA International Biennial Invitational, and was effective at dealing with artists, gallery owners and press alike, due to her grace, charm and expertise. She is a true talent whose gift for communicating and connecting with people cannot be overstated.

Laura Swisher

Tobey Crockett rocks! Seriously, she has a keen sense for details in business and the latest trends.  She's a gifted wordsmith, web designer, marketer and more.  I stayed out of overwhelm while creating a new project and success as Tobey helped me pull the fundamental steps together with a 'connect the dots' template for me. She gently guided me to stick with the steps and get the foundation first.  For a creator like me, that's a brilliant achievement.

MaryAine Curtis 

Tobey, with so many people developing web sites, doing web based work and creating their own businesses, there has got to be a huge demand for your gift in this area.  You write great copy and press releases!  To date my favorite bio remains the one you did for me and Burning Torch. You're really good at what you do!

Karyn Craven


Tobey is a creative, self-directed problem solver, bringing energy, ideas and solutions with her. She can lead or follow; either way the group looks to her as an essential element of success. Her broad life experiences suit her to fill in where others are not so strong, and also to call the strengths of others to the surface. Everyone seems to be more capable when she's around. Don't know how she does it, but her effect is a reliable part of her contribution. Short conversations lead to big movement!

Karin Leonard

Tobey Crockett is a highly creative individual. She brings enthusiasm, experience and ingenuity to everything she touches. She's thorough and clear in her communication. Tobey is a pleasure to work with and can be counted on to bring a spark of creative vision to any project she works on. Her promotional consulting launched our gallery, The Painted Lily, and got us off to a great start.

Lucia Capacchione