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Classes are on hiatus until mid 2019

I will resume remote classes in mid 2019.  In the meantime I am dealing with a medical crisis that has disrupted my schedule, but I promise I will be back in the saddle just as soon as possible. You can lend your support to my healing process by donating to my Go Fund Me campaign linked below:

Tobey's Go Fund Me Campaign

Past Offerings

In 2018, I offered a series of two empowerment classes for women, Let Your Voice Be Heard and Empath As Wise Woman. These classes are help women to own their desires, practice strengthening their voices, and acquire skill and confidence with a wide variety of tools aimed at smoothing our dealings with others. Each class lasted six weeks, meeting in a conference call format.

Discovering that there were plentiful students who wanted to work with me, but who were short on funds for tuition, I created a scholarship drive. The donors and I were able to extend scholarships to a dozen or more women. It has been a wonderful cooperative venture, which I look forward to continuing in 2019. Learn more about these scholarships and/or make a donation to the fund at the bottom of this page.


"Tobey is one of those rare teachers who can beautifully disseminate her vast knowledge into a format that her students can easily learn. Her approach to teaching is a combination of careful research coupled with her amazing intuitive ability to know what we each need to hear in order to facilitate our individual journey. I feel so blessed to have her as a teacher/mentor in my life."

Annette Jones

It is a pleasure to have Tobey Crockett as a teacher. I have had the good fortune to take a class with her for about a year.  She does extensive research, explains the material so all in the room understand it.  She is a deep and upbeat teacher with a sense of humor. The questions she asks are profound and I  am amazed at what I uncover about myself because of her Socratic style of teaching. I am so glad I found this teacher.    

Joy Cary

Tobey's "Let Your Voice Be Heard" class has been a great help to me. For most of our lives, we are taught to think about the needs of others, after all, that is the generous thing to do. And it is generous, of course. However, it has blinded me to my own desires and I have a bad habit of looking to others to see what they want me to do rather than really feeling into what I want.  “Let Your Voice Be Heard” has already given me several tools to tease out my own voice from the overwhelming symphony of voices living in my head, voices of my parents, friends, lovers and society that give advice and tell me what to do. It also has me looking at times in my life that I have gotten what I asked for and honoring the power of those requests. And thinking about how to ask for what I want rather than believing that I am asking too much of life and spending my time settling. I believe that everyone’s voice needs to be heard and so does mine.

Lori Wells

I signed up for this class because "let your voice be heard" spoke to me. Its magical how when I put that thought out there, the universe began showing me other info on voice. Though voice is what called me, I now realize that it's more than that. The spiritual realm began to invite me to open my limiting thoughts to more: visioning, manifesting, responsibility, outcomes, confidence, courage, faith, wants and desires these words tho few are now here in my present day thinkings. There is more going on in all of this than I can or will ever comprehend, but being female, a woman in these times, who is being asked to allow my power to be felt, I am saying "yes" to the mystery that is being asked of me. My Thanks to you Tobey and all the other brave women who have joined this gathering. I feel I'm receiving something much more - something magically beautiful is coming about. 

Joei Bidwell


I am a private teacher who leads women's empowerment and wisdom circles in person in Morro Bay and on a conference call line which allows me to work with students at a distance. I also work with a limited number of writers. It has been an honor to launch a Scholarship Fund for those who want to take my classes but who can not afford to do so; this also provides a way for funders to assist me in my capacity as a private teacher.

In the coffeehouses of the Enlightenment era, philosophers would set up shop at a table and teach whomever arrived, with one on one mentoring and scholarship. In today's gig economy we will perhaps see more and more ronin philosophers doing the same! 

If you want to apply for a scholarship, please email me. If you want to support a budding scholar please make a donation.

Thinking of Gandhi, I want to suggest that we can "Be the magic we want to see in the world." I see many Fairy Godparents out there who can help us make our dreams of creativity, kindness and social justice come true. Many thanks for all you do, and thank you for donating.

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More Information

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Learn how to ask for what you want, how to represent yourself, be confident and successful in negotiating. These are skills everyone should have, and yet, for women especially, they can remain elusive. This six week session in building strength, skills and confidence meets for about an hour on a conference call. Light assignments help you squeeze the most from this life-changing workshop in owning and loving your own personal power. 

More info in the download

Empath As Wise Woman

Learn how to defend and protect your inner world and psychic space even as you embrace and welcome an increased accuracy and capacity of your intuition. Learn how to stand strong, reach into your power, wisdom and compassion, establish healthy boundaries, use both physical techniques and metaphysical tools to create safe space, and create your own team of helpers, guardians and wise women in your life. Light assignments help you embrace your own light and power. We meet for about an hour on a conference call. 

More info in the download


Spiritual Support Sisterhood Circle 

In celebration of the gift of sisterhood, this circle meets for an hour on the last Monday of the month at 5 pm PST/8pm EST.

We gather together with a couple of rounds of check ins, to lend a deep listening to one another without advice giving, to hold space for one another’s process and to give support to the blossoming of our dreams and personal journeys. It is an intimate, safe container.

We will be aware of the moon cycles, and the planting of our seeds of intention. We will organically share small ceremonies, meditations, insights drawn from cards or poems, and other sage words from the ages, but mostly we will stand strong and kind together.

Join the group on our Facebook page and find supplementary info in the Moon downloads